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Moonstar88’s new “hugot” song – “Itulog Mo Na Yan”

Good news Moonstareros! Moonstar88’s “Itulog Mo Na Yan” is now out digitally, under Warner Music Philippines. After a year of waiting, finally the new “hugot” song is now released.

It was the first music video of Buddy Zabala for Moonstar88, as official bassist of the band.  The lead artist of the video is Alexa Ilacad, who is personally hand-picked by them. Alexa is also a huge fan of Moonstar88. The video is under the direction of Ms.  Krizzie Syfu of Artillerie Productions.

If you want to listen to their song, you can get it on Spotify, Guvera, Deezer and Itunes.


You can also watch and vote “Itulog Mo Na Yan” on by simply typing “Itulog Mo Na Yan – Moonstar88” on the polls box.

For Lyric Video:

Photos: Kim Nunez , Alexa Ilacad

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