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Meet Moonstar88’s Maysh Baay!

There’s more to Moonstar88’s vocalist, Maysh Baay, than meets the eye. You usually see her as the front of the band, with her melodic voice singing their hits Torete, Migraine and Sulat among others. Not everyone knows though that this lady is super smart and has finished her two remaining class modules for her Masters degree in Business Administration at the prestigious Bradford University School of Management in England.

She started the program in mid 2015 in Manila but also attended classes in Dubai as well. She was lucky to earn financial assistance (bursary) for her 2 1/2 week stay in the UK campus. While in the UK campus, she stayed at the dorm, did her own laundry and errands (which she admits she’s not used to) while doing some intense studying from 8am -5 pm which included readings, powerpoint presentations and homeworks. During all these academic work, she did not fail to reach out to the Moonstareros by going live on Facebook from time to time.

“Overall, it was a great experience as I walked the talk in the case of my public advocacy for higher learning especially for Filipino women. I’d still want to be able to pursue further studies after this and happy to share my journey with our fans if it will help to inspire them”, said Maysh.

Congrats, Maysh, for a job well done and for being an inspiration to all of us!

See some of Maysh’s photos during her 2 1/2 stint in UK …