Sandwich, Moonstar88 and Gracenote in Coke Studio PH - Soupstar Entertainment Inc.

Sandwich, Moonstar88 and Gracenote in Coke Studio PH

Coke Studio PH has brought together 7 of the country’s music legends which includes Sandwich and Moonstar88 and 7 of the country’s top upcoming artists which includes Gracenote. A legend and an upcoming artist gets paired up to collaborate on a new song. They also get to interpret their partner artist’s original song and give their own flavor to the song.

Sandwich pairs up with BP Valenzuela and creates the new song “Stutter” which talks about an interesting love triangle. Sandwich then covers BP’s “Even if you Asked Me” while BP sings “Two Trick Pony” of Sandwich.

Moonstar88 partners with Jensen and the Flips and comes up with a sensual song entitled “Gigil”. Jensen and the Flips interpret Moonstar88’s classic song “Torete” which tops Spotify’s viral list. Moonstar88 sings “Slow” by Jensen and the Flips.

Lastly, Gracenote is honored to work with Abra for a collaboration entitled “Stargazer”, a combination of melodic and rap elements.  Gracenote is commended for giving a new spin to Abra’s song “Ilusyon”. Meanwhile, Gracenote is honored to have Abra sing their song “Pause”.

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