Gracenote's rendition of Stevie B's "When I Dream About You" is viral on Spotify - Soupstar Entertainment Inc.

Gracenote’s rendition of Stevie B’s “When I Dream About You” is viral on Spotify

“When I Dream About You” was originally performed by Stevie B. and was released internationally year 1994. Fast Forward to 2010, Gracenote came across the song, liked it, jammed it and started performing their own rendition of the song during live performances. Their rendition was well received by their fans and soon started gaining popularity. Even Stevie B. himself commended on the band’s version and communicated with the band to express his appreciation to Gracenote. Their version is actually what is more known among the younger generation.

Now, after releasing their own version in Spotify, the song “When I Dream About You” is on the top 7th spot on Spotify’s Philippine viral 50 with 33,666 streams in a span of 6 days upon release!

Congratulations, Gracenote!

Listen to the song thru the link below:


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