Soupstar Entertainment

Behind the success of the Philippines’ busiest bands is Soupstar Entertainment.

This is one of the strongest management groups in the music industry today. Founded by Joseph Darwin Hernandez, it now handles seven amazing major artists (6cyclemind,  Imago, Sandwich, Hilera, Pedicab, and Moonstar88). Moreover, Soupstar supports promising artists through their album production.  Gracenote, Banda ni Kleggy are all part of Soupstar Music. Nevertheless, more than just managing bands and discovering new talents, Soupstar aims to give entertainment to everyone with their event management- local concerts, bar tours, mall tours, campus tours, corporate launches, road shows, parties, and other special projects.

This year, Soupstar Entertainment levels up as they strengthen their production by supporting local events in different cities in the Metro. They also accept tie-up concerts to campuses and universities nationwide. Considering the interest of the students in having their favorite bands in their school but could not put-up an affordable concert, Soupstar solves the dilemma with the spirit of sharing entertainment.

Expect the artists of Soupstar to endorse more products as they became one of the most successful endorsers of the country. With their songs perfectly suited to the markets ears, they have conquered media ads all over the place.

All of these activities are part of Soupstar’s goal of treating entertainment not as a privilege but as a lifestyle of every Filipino. With their continuous success, they are very much thankful to their supporters who made their advocacy spread easier.

If you want to be part of Soupstar’s campaign you may visit their website at www.soupstar.ph. Because Soupstar is not just all about bands, they are quite simply, entertainment.