Maychelle Baay (vocals), Herbert Hernandez (guitars), Buddy Zabala (bass), Bon Sundiang(drums)


A female-fronted pop-alternative Filipino band formed in February of 1999. The group toured the city’s club circuit and cafes; they became a live favorite at colleges, often performing at universities.

On May 8, 1999, Moonstar88 recorded their first demo, a five-track CD. In early 2000, the band finished a few more songs and sent the demo to Philippine label Alpha Records. The company soon signed them to their Harmony Music imprint, and they entered the studio for their debut album, Popcorn, on July 2000.

Released in 2001, when the macho aggressiveness and two-fisted rage of grunge no longer had mass appeal, Popcorn received warm reviews from critics and was played on both Top 40 and alternative radio stations. Hits from this album include “Torete” and “Sa Langit” . Moonstar88 eventually won Song of the Year for “Sa Langit” as well as awards for Band of the Year and New Artist of the Year.

In 2002, their follow-up album entitled “Press to Play”, brought even more raves and commercial success with songs such as “Sulat” and their popular version of “Ang Pagibig Kong Ito”.

The band’s young fans, nicknamed “Moonies”, took them to the upper regions of the OPM (Original Philippine Music) charts. Rowing between the waters of easy listening and modern rock, Moonstar88 have managed to attract followers in the Philippines from both genres.

In 2007, the band signed under Sony Music where they released their 3rd album “Todo Combo” with sure-fire hits “Tadhana”, “Migraine” and their version of Yano’s “Senti” and APO’s “Panalangin.


After a 5-year hiatus in making albums, the band returned with “This Year” under Ivory Records. The album features the singles “Ligaw” (also came with a duet version with Parokya ni Edgar’s Chito Miranda) and “Gilid”.  The album, designed by JP Cusion, also received the ” Best Design Packaging Category” in the ADOBO Design Awards 2013.

Moreover, Moonstar88’s follow-up singles “Sana Mali” and “Itulog Mo Na Yan” enjoyed heavy rotation in radio stations and were included in the Myx Pinoy charts. This only proves that the band is going strong after more than a decade in the music industry.

Moonstar88 continues to tour the metro performing their hits, old and new.