Diego Mapa (vocals), Jason Caballa (guitars), Raymund Marasigan (bass synth), Mike Dizon (drums), RA Rivera (sound effects mixer).


The mere mention of the members’ names might be enough to raise eyebrows and questions alike for they themselves are eminent in the realm of music. But wanting to try playing a different music in a world where rock music is more appreciated, and bring dance music and a little bit more in the awareness of people, are the reasons why Pedicab got together.

Pedicab immediately got signed under Vicor Music and soon released their debut album entitled “Tugish Takish” mid of 2005.With their danceable hits on radio stations, they were heralded as the Best New Artist by Rock music station NU107 last 2005 on their annual NU Rock Awards.


PEDICAB was formed out of each band member’s desire to play danceable, catchy punk rock, inspired by the likes of the Strokes, Gang of Four, Franz Ferdinand, and the Juan de la Cruz Band. The result is what the band calls now as “dunk”, the fusion of the words dance and punk.

The band’s use of vintage analog synthesizers instead of the traditional bass guitar, as well as Diego’s quirky vocal style and eclectic lyrics, have given Pedicab a unique sound, reminiscent of ‘80’s synthpop, but with a garage rock flavor.  While the band’s seasoned lineup may be reason enough to attract curious listeners, Pedicab has managed to build a loyal following in a short span of time. RA’s visuals, which are projected onstage during the band’s sets, give Pedicab’s live show a distinctive performance-art edge. In fact so distinct, that only PEDICAB does this in the local music scene.


 To date, Pedicab has a growing list of repertoire, mostly originals, including their cover of the 80’s OPM hit “Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko” for the recently released “Hopia Mani Popcorn 2 (The Best of Manila Sound)”.

Pedicab has also performed abroad thrice at “Musicians Against The WTO” concerts in Hong Kong (December 2005), in Geneva, Switzerland (July 2006) and in London (2014) with Sandwich and Yano. Their single “Ang Pusa Mo”, from their sophomore album, “Shinji, Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter”, received frequent air play from various radio stations like Jam 88.3, NU 107.5, and RX 93.1 and MYX and MTV charts. Their single, “FX” also ranked on MYX Countdowns being number 1 for consecutive weeks (January 10-30, 2009). “Simulan Mo Na”, the third single from the same album, received massive radio airplay. Its music video, of course with another creative and unique concept, has entered MYX and MTV countdowns.

After the success of their second album, Pedicab released their third album entitled “Kaya mo ba Magsando?” under MCA music with singles “Otomatik” and “Insekto”. Now the band is back in the studio preparing for their latest album offering.

Music fans can continuously satisfy themselves with Pedicab’s manic live sets filled with memorable dance-punk anthems that are, like the band’s namesake, “madaling sakyan”.