Mayumi Gomez (vocals), Myrene Acedemia (bass), Timothy Cacho (guitars), Mervin Panganiban (drums), Zach Lucero (guitars),


Manila has seen its share of rock/alternative bands as they come and go. Imago remains resilient despite the times, line up changes, and the ever changing landscape of music where trends challenge the most stalwart of artists. Imago’s music, its ideal and strength stems from the moment that inspired its creation. It is not constrained by a “sound” nor is it pressured by anything that is happening around it. It is the expression of a group, at a point in time, inspired by anything that moved the initiator of the song. It has been this way from the beginning, and continuous to be so in the current chapter of Imago’s life. The people behind the band got together towards the latter part of 1997.

By March 1998 the name Imago was born, and the first official gig happened in Freedom Bar in Anonas, Quezon City. Imago was started by Zach. He just got out of Hungry Young Poets, and was looking around to form a band. He got in touch with his college buddy Tim, Aia was then introduced to Zach by a common acquaintance, Aia then got Michelle Pritchard on violin, and Michelle got Arvin. After a year of gigs and writing songs they started recording and partnered up with Bob Aves and Grace Nono to produce the first album. By 2000 Imago got signed under Viva records and by 2001 “Probably Not But Most Definitely” was released with critical acclaim. Imago has had 2 shifts with its line up.

The first was right after the first album with Michelle Pritchard (violin) and Arvin Gatmaitan (bass). Michelle got busy with her writing career as a journalist for a local auto magazine and decided to pursue that. Arvin’s musical preference leaned towards progressive rock, and he ended up with Eternal Now. Myrene joined Imago right before their 2nd album “Take 2” was released independently. The 2nd shift in members happened when vocalist Aia de Leon decided to pursue a solo career. After she left, the band got a former college buddy and band mate Mervin Panganiban (Sugar Hiccup) to play drums. Zach now plays guitar, and on vocals Imago finds Mayumi Gomez singing its songs.

The members of Imago have their share of talents outside the music arena, Myrene is a former broadcaster for NU107 and is a voice talent for radio and t.v commercials, Mervin is an entrepreneur, with his own gym, and is a physical fitness instructor. Timothy’s family is in the food business, he is an Industrial Design graduate and dabbles in trading of musical instruments. Mayumi, is a succeful cosplayer, model, host and boxer, she also graduated from fashion school. Zach is also a former broadcaster for NU107, is currently the V.O behind Jack Tv, a capoeirista, and is the Program Director for Radio Republic.


The band’s new line-up meant a new fresh set of songs. The band has released their latest album entitled “KAPIT” which captures their great chemistry and sound. Singles in the album include “Then was Forever” and “Kapit”. Recently, they launched their third single “Summer Baby” with its music video directed by Quark Henares soon to be seen in local music channels.

There are a lot of surprises to watch out for from Imago. The band is all over the metro experiencing and sharing a new chapter of their music career to their fans.


  • 8th Katha Awards (2002)
  • Best Alternative Music Composition
    • Tugon (Imago/Probably Not/Viva Records)
    • Laya (Imago/Probably Not/Viva Records)
    • Otherwise (Imago/Probably Not/Viva Records)
    • Rainsong (Imago/Probably Not/Viva Records)
  • Best New Artist
  • Best Alternative Music Vocal Performance
    • Rainsong (Probably Not/Viva Records)
    • Laya (Probably Not/Viva Records)
  • NU 107 Rock Awards 2001 Nominations
    • Vocalist Of The Year- Aia De Leon
    • Drummer Of The Year – Zach Lucero
    • Best New Artist
    • Album Of The Year – Probably Not But Most Definitely
  • NU 107 Rock Awards 2002
    • Best Rock Video Of The Year: “Idlip” Of Imago By Margs Guzman
  • MTV Pilipinas 2003
    • Best New Artist
    • Best Group
    • Best Video
    • Best Song
  • NU Rock Awards 2005
    • Best Video: “Akap” Of Imago By Marie Jamora
  • NU Rock Awards 2006
    • Bassist Of The Year: Myrene Academia
    • Vocalist Of The Year: Aia De Leon
    • Rising Sun Award
  • MTV Pilipinas 2006
    • Best Video: “Akap”
  • MYX Music Awards**** 2006
    • Favorite Indie Band
  • MYX Music Awards 2007
    • Favorite Artist
  • Awit Awards 2007
    • Best Album Packaging “Blush”
  • NU Rock Awards 2007
    • Song Of The Year: “Sundo” By Imago
    • Video Of The Year: “Sundo” Of Imago By Marie Jamora
  • MYX Music Awards 2008
    • Favorite Music Video “Sundo” By Marie Jamora
  • 8th Katha Awards 2002
    • Best Alternative Album
  • NU107 Rock Awards 2001
    • Vocalist Of The Year
    • Drummer Of The Year
  • NU107 Rock Awards 2005
    • Video Of The Year “Akap” Of Imago By Marie Jamora
    • Best Female: Aia De Leon
  • NU107 Rock Awards 2006
    • Bassist Of The Year: Myrene Academia